About Business Loans and Business Overdraft

Business Loans

A Business Loan is a loan made to a business who is obligated to pay back according to the terms and conditions of the loan. Put your business plan into action with the help of a small business loan. Designed for startups and growing businesses, this loan can help get you off the ground. Our low rates and affordable payment plans are tailored to work for your business’ particular needs. Ready to start building your future?

Business Overdraft

A Business Overdraft is a line of credit that enables businesses to make withdrawal for an amount greater than the balance in your business debit account. This enables businesses to continue making withdrawals even if the account balance drops to zero, giving you flexibility in your cash flow. It can enable you to pay your employees on time whether or not your clients have paid you on time, and it can be helpful for businesses with a large number of seasonal workers.

What you spend must be repaid, of course, just like a credit card or a business loan. Interest is charged on the overdraft based on the amount of credit you used. An overdraft comes with an overdraft limit, which operates like the credit limit on a credit card.

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